This package contains the Logic patches for the Electric Worship MainStage preset pack. You are free to modify the patches to suite how you hear your sounds ad how you want to use the patches.


  1. Open finder and go to Music folder
  2. Open Audio Music Apps folder
  3. Locate Patches folder
  4. Locate Instrument folder
  5. Drag and drop the Electric Worship Patches in the Instrument folder
  6. Launch Logic
  7. Create an empty instrument Channel strip
  8. Go to user patches
  9. Locate Electric Worship Patches

Looking for the MainsStage Patches? Download them here.

Download it for free and go be a blessing to your Church and to the Kingdom of God!

Be blessed!

Manuel Doffou

I like to produce music and sounds for the Church. Love Jesus Love His word and His love inspires my sounds.


  1. Hi, I just downloaded these patches
    African sounds
    Beautiful Name
    Calm Electrick
    Forever Eletrick
    Gospel Fever

    But Logic keep opening a search box looking for missing files.
    Am I missing something?? as I have the latest version of Logic.

  2. I downloaded these but none of the presets work as they are looking for other things which aren’t in Logic Pro x..


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