Ciel Ouvert is a MainStage preset pack made for christian worship musicians. Created with basic plugins. You are free to modify the patches to suite you. – This is a completed version of Electric worship. There will be no more updates. 

There are two versions available for download.- The complete version has 

I have revised the interface – Looks cleaner 

Concert Features 

  1. 8 Faders for assigning Instruments 
  2. 8 Rotary knobs for assigning effects 
  3. 18 Patches inspired by contemporary worship songs 
  4. Master Fader 
  5. Cut off / HPF
  6. Master mute button (Mute all) 
  7. Tap tempo button  
  8. Chords display 
  9. Patch selector 
  10. Time display 
  11. Works with MainStage 3 and up 

    You can download it for free here.! Go be a blessing to your Church and to the Kingdom of God! 

Manuel Doffou

I like to produce music and sounds for the Church. Love Jesus Love His word and His love inspires my sounds.


  1. Would I be able to download those audios in mp3?

  2. Is there a demo video with this template?

  3. Would you be able to make these patches available for Logic? I tried downloading them and using them in Logic but had zero luck because half of the files it needed were missing.

  4. Are you okay with us using these in our original worship music?

  5. Hello, every time i used my computer crash! ???

  6. Thanks for the patches. I’m having an issue where everytime I open the concert in Mainstage I get this annoying white noise type sound. Once I click on a patch, I get a constant rumbling noise that continues through each of the patches. Any idea what this might be?

    • Hi Jay. Not sure why you have this problem. Maybe it has something to do with the inputs or maybe ram?. I am working on a lighter version of this and i dont have any issue of sorts.

  7. i would like to use for a facebook banner animation for my church is it ok to use and how may I get a mp3 version

  8. Hello! it is saying to choose an option when i click purchase but i don’t see and options on the screen..


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