1. Hey! Thanks for this! Feedback on the workflow below:

    Import song/lyrics in English.
    Edit with only a couple lines per slide
    Make sure verse/chorus order is correct
    Add text box on each slide with 2nd languge (verifying layers)
    Apply template


  2. Is there a way to use this format but only show 1 language on Stage Display?

    • ProPresenter automatically merges all text boxes together so there would not be a simple way to do it. You could put your man language in the slide notes for the songs, and then have a stage display that only shows slides notes. But that would be a pretty long process.

  3. Thank you so much for doing this! I’ve been trying to figure out how to do this for a while now. Where can I download the templates?

  4. Thanks for the tutorial. Is there a way to import second langague lyrics automatically into the slides after English lyrics are imported? Do you have to do every slide manually to add lyrics in second language?

  5. Thanks! We are gearing up for our church’s first Bilingual Night of Worship. I have the bilingual lyrics on docs broken up with 2 lines “main language” and 2 lines “alternate language”. Do I need separate docs for “main” and “alternative” to import?
    Example of No Longer Slaves”
    Abriste El Mar Para Que Yo Camine
    Tu Amor Ahogó Todo El Temor
    You Split The Sea So I Could Walk Right Through It
    My Fears Are Drowned In Perfect Love

    Me Rescataste Y Hoy Cantaré:
    Yo Soy Hijo De Dios
    You Rescued Me And I Will Stand And Sing
    I Am A Child Of God


    • Currently there is no way to import lyrics and have them split into the different text boxes needed for this method. If you use the example you gave I would import and split slides every 4 lines, then cut the last two lines from each slide and paste them into the second text box.

  6. This is such a great post. Thank you for this insight into how to better utilize pro presenter for this application with templates.


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