How Many Screens can your Mac NATIVELY Handle?

  • iMac with 2 USB-C: 2 external displays
  • iMac Pro: 4 external displays
  • Macbook Pro (no touch bar): 2 external displays
  • Macbook Pro (with touchbar): 4 external displays
  • Mac Mini (18/19): 2 external displays + HDMI

Add more outputs using one of these recommend devices

NDI Resources

Other Helpful Links
Syphon Recorder
Record ProPresenters Output
ProPresenter + OBS for streaming
Official ProPresenter 7 Tutorials
ProPresenter Offical Users Group

Editing Priorities:
• Edit for content
• Fix audio
• Add soundtrack
• Color correction
• Titles and Effects

Helpful Hotkeys:
Razor tool: c
Zoom: + or –
In and Out points: i or o
Cut at playhead: Ctrl(cmd) + K
Default Video Transition: Ctrl(cmd) + D
Default Audio Transition: Ctrl(cmd) + Shift + D
Jump to Edit: up or down arrow
Export: Ctrl(cmd) + M
JKL = playback controls (shift goes slower)
insert (,) overright (.)

Use this link to get a 10% discount on a Subscription.

Color Correction and LUTS

Other Helpful Links:

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