Dan Stevers had a crazy idea, collaborate with 12 animators and 2 audio engineers to create a powerful mini-movie based on a poem from Sh’maya. Six Months later, that crazy idea is a reality.

The visuals are as powerful as the words they bring to life. Share this with others, play it in your churches, post it on your social media feeds, but most importantly remember who you seek!

About YHWH Project

Words by Sh’maya / shmaya.co.uk


Josh Studebaker / joshstudebaker.com
Anthony Madlangbayan / madantdesign.com
Jay Kee / jaykeeart.com
Blake Fawley / blakefawley.com
Wes Kandel / weskandel.com
Eric Demeusy / ericdemeusy.com
Dan Stevers / danstevers.com
Paul Slemmer / veracitycolab.com
Handel Eugene / handeleugene.com
David Stanfield / davidstanfieldis.me
Ronald Rabideau / ronaldrabideau.com
Matthew Borrett / matthewborrett.com


Music / Ryan Taubert / ryantaubert.com

Sound Design & Mix / Jon Wang / musicfarm.co

Web Design

Graham Paulsen / 5dmedia.ca

This Free Media Is Provided By:

Story Loop

Helping Church Tell Better Stories. StoryLoop.com


  1. Wow! Kudos animators and to the rest of the team! So much inspiration that comes with a powerful message and visuals! God bless your team!

  2. This. Is. Amazing. It should be EVERYWHERE. Every human being should see this video.

  3. It doesn’t let you download. It takes me to a site at http://yhwhproject.org/#download

  4. great video!
    is this available in other languages? german e.g?


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