This free download is a simple worship background of lifted hands. Yep, hands. Because hands are awesome. I shot this footage during a conference we had a few weeks ago. I colored it and added a slight blur.

In the download, I’ve included the background loop both with and without the darkened line in the middle. The darkened line in the middle can be created in ProPresenter, so you can make it as thick as you need for multiple lines of lyrics. I’ve also included the template file for ProPresenter that includes the adjustable middle line.

In the ProPresenter template, I used the font Helvetica(FTW!), so make sure you edit the template if you would rather use a different font. You can also adjust the thickness and opacity of the middle line in the template editor.

This Free Media Is Provided By:

Church Media Drop Originals

Church Media Drop Originals are created by Brad Zimmerman and were originally used/created at Watermark Church where Brad is the Creative Communications Director.


  1. Hi,
    I’m a student in Exeter, UK doing an internship at my church and I’m making a video about Worship.
    This footage is great! It would be SO helpful for the video but every time I try to download it I get sent an error message.
    Is there any chance I could get some help with this?


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  • HD video loop with black middle bar
  • HD video loop without black middle bar
  • ProPresenter 5 File