• Tenebrae_720p
  • Tenebrea_GoodFriday_720p
  • ShadowOfBetrayal_720p
  • ShadowOfAgony_720p
  • ShadowOfDenial_720p
  • ShadowOfAccusation_720p
  • ShadowOfCrucifixion_720p
  • ShadowOfDeath_720p
  • ShadowOfBurial_720p

These graphics are based on the famous The Doré Bible Illustrations and were created to be used during the very meaningful Tenebrae service.

During each of the 7 shadows a candle is extinguished leaving everyone in darkness. You will find an included script laying out the entire service or you can find a great overview and ideas here.

This Free Media Is Provided By:

Church Media Drop Originals

Church Media Drop Originals are created by Brad Zimmerman and were originally used/created at Watermark Church where Brad is the Creative Communications Director.

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  1. Thank you! This is very appreciated. Any and all resources to help with worship services and not break the bank is amazing!


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  • Title & Text Support Graphics
  • 9 titles / thematic backgrounds
  • Full Service Script (.pdf)
  • Photoshop File (.psd)
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Font Used: Stay Dreaming SVG, CMG Sans