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This trivia game is simple. Read the description of a show/movie that you could stream online on a major platform (Netflix, Hulu, Prime, Peacock) and then participants have to guess if it’s streaming or not. This can be played with large or small groups.

Example questions:
1. This Docu-series follows the lives and stories of employees of a paper company.
2. Movie: Two Sisters and their friends travel to an ancient, autumn-bound forest of an enchanted land. They set out to find the origin of the queen’s powers in order to save their kingdom.
3. Reality Show: Two single sisters, Tia and Tamara try to find love and navigate the new world of Zoom dating while stuck in quarantine.
4. Reality Show: Follow Summer on her latest forge-to-table adventures includes eventful trips to Colorado, Vermont and Wyoming where she prepares all vegan dishes.
5. Movie: Poppy and Branch discover that they are but one of six different tribes scattered over six different lands devoted to six different kinds of music: Funk, Country, Techno, Classical, Pop and Rock. Their world is about to get a lot bigger and a whole lot louder.
6. Reality Show: Follow couples as they meet for the very first time when they say “I do” on their wedding day.
7. MOVIE: Sam learns that the second born in royal families have super-powers and are tasked with saving the world.
8. This real life drama features a former Presidential candidate who is caught up in a murder for hire scandal involving a business rival.

1. STREAMING: The Office
2. STREAMING: Frozen 2
3. NOT Streaming
4. NOT Streaming (I rewrote the plot of MeatEater haha)
5. STREAMING: Trolls World Tour
6. STREAMING: Married at first Sight
7. STREAMING: The Secret Society of the 2nd born royals
8. STREAMING: Tiger King

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Church Media Drop Originals

Church Media Drop Originals are created by Brad Zimmerman and were originally used/created at Watermark Church where Brad is the Creative Communications Director.

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