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Included Statements:

  • God Blessed you for a purpose
  • Your happiness isn’t someone else’s responsibility
  • You have a higher calling
  • You have a bridge to cross
  • You don’t have do to this life by yourself
  • You are never too far for God to reach you
  • There’s always room for one more
  • See yourself the way God sees you
  • Real love is humble
  • My joy is found in who he is
  • Make room for God to more
  • Jesus built a bridge to you

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George's Stuff

Creative Director at HighPointe Church in Enterprise, AL.Created to Create.


  1. What software are you using to create your content?

  2. Hey Benny!

    I used Photoshop exclusively for this set.

  3. Hi, there isn´t psd for You Have A Higher Calling. Tahnks


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