Game Instructions

Supplies needed:

  • Rootbeer
  • Straws
  • Large Bowls

How To Play:
This is a pretty straight forward relay game. Split your students up into a few different relay teams. Give each student a straw. They must then take turns running to a bowl filled with 2 – 3 liters of root-beer on the other end of the room and drinking as much as they can. First team to empty the bowl wins.

What makes this relay great is that root-beer can burn when you drink a lot of it and it is really cold. So make sure you get and A&W type root-beer that gives a burning sensation and get the root-beer really cold.

This Free Media Is Provided By:

Church Media Drop Originals

Church Media Drop Originals are created by Brad Zimmerman and were originally used/created at Watermark Church where Brad is the Creative Communications Director.

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