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REWIRED is a series we recently completed at Road To Life Church in Michigan City, Indiana. This package contains the series art in various formats, along with a countdown and service opener. We incorporated all of these elements into our social media feeds as well. We meet with various members of our staff throughout the week and did quick social videos on what it means to rewire your mind to think and see the way God would have you think. When “brain” storming the concept we talked about what paths can people take.

Series Overview:

  • Week One: We talked about how to create “progress” in your thought life emphasis on ” you get started by getting started”.
  • Week Two: We talked about how progress often looks like Baby Steps, and how those baby steps are often the most courageous steps you can take. During alter we had our worship team do a cover of Stefanie Gretzinger’s song “Oxygen” which covered the base of the whole sermon that day.
  • Week Three: We talked about leading your feelings and emotions and not letting them lead you.
  • Week Four: We talked about what you put in, is what is going to come out.



  1. Thank you so much for this theme. I will be adapting it to focus on renewing our minds from worry anxiety and fear. we have been struggling with a title for the concept when we stumbled on this. Thanks to your team for making this available.

    • Jeremy! Thank you! We value the local church and love being able to into other ministries! So glad to help!

  2. Hey,
    Its my first time to be here and i like it already. God bless you guys and more grace to the good job yo guys are doing.

    From Jeff Koine


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