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  • God is calling you to deeper surrender
  • Because God has blessed me with, I will intentionally give more
  • We’re called to build bridges of forgiveness
  • We don’t just follow Jesus to greater things, Jesus is the greatest thing
  • To access the even greater you must make God greater in your life.
  • Put down what you see and pick up what he sees
  • It’s mans criteria that judges our success. It’s God’s criteria that judges our greatness
  • If you won’t worship God in the wilderness, you won’t worship God in the promised land.
  • If you need love, sow love. If you need forgiveness, sow forgiveness. If you need mercy, sow mercy.
  • I will not let feelings dictate how I live
  • God never intended for you to do life alone
  • God is for you, he is on your side
  • Every time the enemy reminds you of your past, remind him of his future
  • God spoke and there was light

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