Logic Pro X project loaded with 5 custom-sampled instruments (and includes the quick demo song I created). These have been created from my own Prophet 12 synth and give you added colour and texture to use in your own audio projects for church.

For more sounds and tools, visit http://www.rockymountainsounds.com

This Free Media Is Provided By:

Rocky Mountain Sounds

I am a musician, songwriter and sound designer based near the heart of the Canadian Rockies – in Calgary, Canada. For the past few years I have been creating new sounds for Omnisphere and Mainstage users- with a Canadian twist. This was birthed through my creation of a worldwide worship musician movement –resulting in the website – www.worshipmusicians.org – and many Facebook groups where members can get support, training, new sounds and ideas but mostly encouragement and fellowship with like-minded passionate musicians. The premier group with a large following- is Omnisphere Worship sounds- home to many well known worship groups, sound designers, and even Spectrasonics. With my work with PlugInGuru, I have learned so much and have embarked on a new sonic journey- I hope you will join me and I truly appreciate your support! For Mainstage and other audio products that I sell, please visit VISIT MY SITE

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  • 5 custom-sampled instruments (Prophet 12)
  • Demo Song
  • Software Required: Logic Pro X