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How To Play
This game has 2 variations, lets look at the video version first. The game leader will play a movie trailer for an upcoming film(keep it appropriate). Before playing the clip tell the groups to pay close attention because they will need to answer questions about the video after it is done. Once the video finishes the game leader will then ask 3 – 5 questions about that video. Repeat this for 5 or so movies.


Monsters University
– Name the 2 school clubs.
– What’s Sully’s middle initial?
– How many eyes does the mom have?
– Sully is described as a ________ with _________.
– What grade did Mike get?

Tip: Not all questions have to be in the video, just related. So for the above video you could have asked something like “Mike and Sully end up working together at Monster Inc on the scare floor, what town do they live in?”

Team with most correct answers.

Instead of using video clips you can put up Movie posters. Let the groups look at the poster for 30 seconds – 1 minute, then remove the poster from the screen.

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