• HeIsHere_websiteTitle_720p
  • HeIsHere_720p
  • HeIsHere_atYourChurch_720p
  • HeIsHere_InTheValley_720p
  • HeIsHere_InTheWilderness_720p
  • HeIsHere_InTheStorm_720p
  • HeIsHere_Always_720p
  • HeIsHere_Lyrics_720p
  • HeIsHere_4-Weeks_720p
  • HeIsHere_5-Weeks_720p
  • HeIsHere_Background_720p

Had the awesome opportunity to work on a cool project for our church. We are doing a December series called “He is Here”. Along with that, our praise team wrote a song to go along with the series. We also created custom graphics for each week. This was a fun project to work on.


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