Introducing Genesis from MotionIndigo—a premier collection of 25 gradient motion looped backgrounds and still images, designed to enrich your presentations and broadcasts without overshadowing your message. Crafted in vibrant 4K resolution, each background features seamless looping, ensuring a continuous, elegant backdrop that enhances rather than distracts.

Genesis is compatible with all major presentation and media software, including ProPresenter, Resolume, and more, making it a versatile choice for a variety of applications. Whether you are a video editor, a live event coordinator, or involved in broadcast media, integrating Genesis into your projects is straightforward and effective.

The collection shines in environments such as corporate settings and live performances, but it is especially suited for places of worship. Churches can utilize these subtle, engaging backgrounds to create a serene atmosphere for worship services and religious gatherings. The motion elements are designed to maintain congregation engagement without detracting from the spiritual message.

Digital content creators will also find Genesis invaluable for enhancing online broadcasts and video productions, ensuring that visuals remain polished and professional across all platforms.

Offered free of charge, Genesis enables professionals and enthusiasts alike to elevate their visual presentations with high-quality, aesthetically pleasing backgrounds that are both practical and easy to use. Elevate your visual storytelling with Genesis—the cornerstone of sophisticated, effective presentation design.


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  • 25 - 4k Looping Motion Backgrounds (.mp4)
  • 25 Still Backgrounds (.png)