Game Instructions

Supplies Needed:

  • Two 5 gallon Buckets
  • Dodgeball

How to Play
Split students into 2 teams. Then put 2 chairs at each end of your playing area. and create a safe zone around that chair that no one can enter. Each team will need a basket holder, they will be standing on the chair holding the bucket. Students are trying to score in their bucket, the catch is you are not allowed to move while your holding the ball, you have to freeze and throw it to another member of you’re team then they have to freeze and so on. Anyone can intercept the ball at anytime. When shooting the ball, the bucket holder can move the bucket around to help catch the ball.

Original game found here.

This Free Media Is Provided By:

Church Media Drop Originals

Church Media Drop Originals are created by Brad Zimmerman and were originally used/created at Watermark Church where Brad is the Creative Communications Director.

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