1. Is there any way the artwork & bumper video could be changed? I was hoping to do a series this year called “Christmas Decor” & the video above is perfect for that, except I would like for it to say “Christmas Decor” at the end instead of “The Gift Is Waiting.” Is there any way that could be done? I’m not sure what the fee would be, but just let me know if it could be done & what that fee would be.

    Thank you! And excellent work!

    • This download includes at Photoshop file so you can edit the artwork. Also included is a version of the bumper without the text at the end. That version is easy to use for any subject.

  2. Hello, this Advent season, my church is planning to follow your Advent series” “Christmas: The Gift is Waiting.” Is it ok for us to use your graphics and intro video for that purpose?


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  • Title & Christmas Eve Graphics (.jpg)
  • Editable Photoshop File (.psd)
  • Bumper Video (with and without text)
  • Font Used: Handters