Ambience Vol. 10 – “Exeter” features evolving and atmospheric pad drones in 12x 320K MP3 tracks covering 12 keys- each 8 minutes long. Perfect for texture and interest underneath a song. Easily add these tracks to your audio player/computer or use with free apps like Gateway’s Small Group Director.


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Rocky Mountain Sounds

I am a musician, songwriter and sound designer based near the heart of the Canadian Rockies – in Calgary, Canada. For the past few years I have been creating new sounds for Omnisphere and Mainstage users- with a Canadian twist. This was birthed through my creation of a worldwide worship musician movement –resulting in the website – – and many Facebook groups where members can get support, training, new sounds and ideas but mostly encouragement and fellowship with like-minded passionate musicians. The premier group with a large following- is Omnisphere Worship sounds- home to many well known worship groups, sound designers, and even Spectrasonics. With my work with PlugInGuru, I have learned so much and have embarked on a new sonic journey- I hope you will join me and I truly appreciate your support! For Mainstage and other audio products that I sell, please visit VISIT MY SITE

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  • 12x - 320K mp3's
  • 8 Minute Length (each)
  • All 12 Keys included