These short videos share reflections of what each advent theme means for us.

These were filmed and created by the media and production ministry at King Street Church. King Street Church maintains the original copyright, but allow the videos to be used by other churches as part of their worship services.

Video Previews:

Week 1: Hope


Week 2: Love


Week 3: Joy


Week 4: Peace


Christmas Eve

King Street Church


  1. I have enjoyed your Advent videos for the last couple years. Thank you for sharing! These are truly special and I absolutley love and appreciate the care of making and presenting them! Thank you!!!

    Would you re-post the videos for Joy and Peace? I keep getting an error message when attempting to download. The others downloaded perfectly! Thank you

  2. I always enjoy and use alot of the free content that you share. Thank you so much!

    I also am having a problem downloading the Joy and Peace mini-movies that you shared. Is there any way they can be fixed?

    Below is the error message that I keep getting:

    The specified key does not exist.

    • Thank you so much for fixing the error on these two mini-movies. The downloads worked perfectly. Merry Christmas!


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