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Broken Saviors is a walkthrough of the book of Judges. The concept was taken from JD Greear and Summit Church’s series and spruced up a bit for our student ministry. We walked through 4 judges in 4 weeks – Ehud, Deborah, Gideon, and Samson.

We used these cardboard pillars and bought ceramic heads to go on each. At a key point in each message, we described the judge as a “broken savior” – one who saved Israel and yet didn’t fulfill the role of saving God’s people forever – and smashed the head on the ground. Broken saviors lead us to One who would never let us down, Jesus.

Lane Gramling

Lane Gramling has worked with EPIC JR High at Montgomery Community Church since January 2016. He is passionate about equipping students with gospel-centered resources to KNOW, LIVE, and TELL the Story of God.

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