Update v1.2 – Added scene as additional download from “Lift the Name” by Highlands Worship (https://youtu.be/B4Tru4whwzk as reference)

My very own custom M32/X32 template! In this is a generic template to help get you started. It includes pre-built eqs, fx, dynamics, channels, and in-ear layout. Included is a custom FX preset library for vocals, and a few bus channel presets for doing parallel compression.
I’ve also included a scene, Vibrant Example, to show how I use some of these settings in the field.

[Keep in mind, this is a generic template and is for assistance, not set-in-stone settings. As a user, you will have to make adjustments accordingly to meet your venue and needs. This just helps save a lot of time and shows settings to help. ]

Aaron Kelley

I'm Aaron. I'm from a small town in MS with a heart after audio and creativity. I do a little bit of everything, but primarily keep audio and music my focus. My full time job is IT at a school district, my other full time volunteer pleasure is audio at my local church, Vibrant Church. I love photography, video, and a tiny bit of graphic creation here and there. I am a major coffee addict and when I can go hiking on a random weekend excursion, that's where i'll be. Feel free to stop by and drop a line...

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