Electric Worship is a MainStage preset pack made for christian worship musicians. Created with basic plugins. You are free to modify the patches to suite how you hear your sounds ad how you want to use the patches.

Concert Features 

  1. 8 Faders for assigning Instruments
  2. 8 Rotary knobs for assigning effects
  3. 12 Patches inspired by contemporary worship songs
  4. Master Fader
  5. Panic Button (Mute all)
  6. Tap tempo button
  7. Chords Display
  8. Patch selector
  9. Time display
  10. Works with MainStage 3 and up

NOTE: Ignore pop ups on load for Alchemy sample searches.. I’ll fix that on the next set of sounds. Stay tuned be Blessed!
You can download the full version for free here.! Go be a blessing to your Church and to the Kingdom of God!

Be blessed!

Manuel Doffou

I like to produce music and sounds for the Church. Love Jesus Love His word and His love inspires my sounds.

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